EXTRA! EXTRA! Special IMCC3 issue of Ocean & Coastal Management


By Edd Hind

We’re very happy to announce the publication of the IMCC3 special issue of Ocean & Coastal Management.


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Each of the 11 open access and peer-reviewed articles in the issue is inspired by a symposium, workshop, or focus group held at last year’s 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress.

Papers on marine debris, whale-watching, and the effects of anthropogenic noise on marine life are hard-hitting papers that will help set research agendas in their respective fields.

Other papers tackle grand issues. How are marine protected areas performing in the G20? or Which novel data can fill historical gaps in our understanding of the marine environment? and How should marine policy-makers integrate socio-ecological studies?

IMCC3 was also a pioneering conference when it came to science communication, and this issue reflects that. Conservation marketing, public perceptions research, and scientific engagement with the policy process all feature. As of course do mermaids and megaladon… read the paper!

Finally, new fields of research are explored. Any of you who attended will know that the sessions on marine citizen science were a highlight of the week in Scotland.

So, please read, please debate, please share. These papers can help marine science matter, and you can help them in that mission by spreading the word.

Edd Hind is the Communications Officer of SCBMarine and the Communications Chair for IMCC4.