IMCC5 Proceedings


We are pleased to announce that the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress proceedings will be published in the online journal Frontiers in Marine Science (Marine Conservation and Sustainability Section).

Work presented at IMCC5 (or papers that were presented at, or were the result of collaborations and activities occurring at previous IMCC meetings) can be submitted to the proceedings via the following link.



Frontiers is an open access journal that is highly ranked. More information about marine conservation section of the journal can be found here. To give you an idea of the impact that publishing in the proceedings can bring, the three manuscripts already published in the IMCC5 proceedings have 5022, 3425 and 1343 views/downloads (as of 1st August 2018). The IMCC4 proceedings received nearly 120,000 views/downloads with articles on average getting 4000 views/downloads. Bearing in mind that the average scientific journal article has just 2-3 readers, this is a massive impact!

Original research papers, opinion/commentary articles and reports from workshops, symposia and focus groups are all welcome and encouraged. All proceedings articles will be peer-reviewed.

Open Access Fees

It is important to IMCC and OceansOnline that papers published as part of the proceedings be open access to maximize their impact and their accessibility. There are fees for publishing open access articles in the proceedings (see below) but these fees are nearly half that of most regular journals. Fees depend on the category of article (details here), but all submissions to the IMCC proceedings receive at least a 25% discount on the regular open access cost.

Developing and low income country authors

Low-income and developing country researchers can apply for a partial to full waiver of the publishing fees by emailing this form to to apply for a waiver when you submit your paper.

Open access fees

A-type articles (includes Original Research and Reviews): US $977.50

B-type articles: US $700

C-type articles: US $450

For details on article categories see here.

Many universities have an agreement to pay the open access fees for Frontiers articles for their researchers. Check here if your university has such an agreement!

MPA forum - Ocean's Initiative.jpgAny work that was presented, shared, or initiated from IMCC5 or any other IMCC meetings may be published in the proceedings. (© Oceans Initiative)

Abstract Submission

If you are planning to submit an article for the proceedings, please submit an abstract first (by 31st August), so that we know that your paper is coming!

Important Dates

Site open for submissions: NOW OPEN!

Abstract Submission deadline: 31 August 2018

Manuscript submission deadline: 16 October 2018

Guidelines for authors can be found here.

Conference Impact Award

Frontiers is running a competition with a prize of $1million for the conference with proceedings with greatest impact. We really, really, really want to win this prize as it will allow us to massively subsidize the next IMCC meeting and assist developing country and student researchers to attend the meeting. So please submit your papers… and then share them on social media!

So submit your abstract today! 🙂