All delegate travel to be offset with community mangrove project


By Edd Hind-Ozan


You are packing your bags ready to travel to the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5). Some of you are already in the air. Most of you are flying to Kuching via Singapore, Hong Kong, or Kuala Lumpur. Some of you are flying from other countries in Asia. Others much further. Many of you are flying from the Americas. That is more than a ton of carbon produced from your flight! As far as our oceans our concerned, that’s not great. Actually, that’s terrible. But conferences matter and stopping attending them may be even worse news for the oceans!

We are more than conscious of the need for low impact conferences at IMCC5 HQ, and that is why we have continued the policy we set out in stone for IMCC4. Rather than asking you to “opt in” to a carbon offset program, we have simply included a compulsory offset fee in your registration costs. For us, there is simply no other choice. Fortunately, we have great delegates, and not one of you complained about this policy at IMCC4. Not surprisingly, many of you totally embraced it and were very positive with your feedback. Thank you dearly for your support!

Carbon Credits Offset.png

Our certificate for the carbon credits we purchased for IMCC5!

So, we are really excited to share that we are continuing the official partnership we formed at IMCC4 with the Mikoko Pamoja mangrove offsetting project in Kenya. Mikoko Pamoja is a community-led mangrove conservation and restoration project in Gazi Bay, Kenya. It involves community-based policing of illegal mangrove harvesting, as well as the application of local expertise in mangrove planting. The project recently won the Equator Initiative Prize for community solutions to climate change in 2017. Mikoko Pamoja is accredited by Plan Vivo, an independent charity that specializes in community-based forestry projects. You can learn more about the project and how it is benefiting local communities in this great video:

We’re also happy to share some great news. IMCC4 delegates’ support of Mikoko Pamoja project is part of the success that has allowed the project organizers to expand their great work. They are currently launching a second site called Vanga, south of Mikoko Pamoja, which is four times the size of the original site. Hopefully some of you will be supporting this new site as part of your IMCC6 registration fee!

Safe travels and see you very very shortly in Kuching!


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