Telepresence/Telerobotics Initiative for IMCC5 in Borneo, Malaysia.


To increase accessibility for the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) held in Malaysia in 2018 and in response to recent restrictions on the ability for members of the global research and conservation community to travel based on religion, orientation, or place of birth, the IMCC5 Organizing Committee is creating a directive to establish enhanced telepresence and telerobotics capabilities for the conference. This new initiative will include a telepresence-only participation tier (at reduced rate to cover the cost of service) with access to livestreams of all talks, ability to present remotely, and access to mobile telerobots to facilitate participation in post-presentation discussion at social events. Telepresence options will be open to all SCB Marine members, but priority will be assigned to those who ability to travel is restricted for political reasons as well as students with demonstrated financial need.

More details will be provided as we work with telerobotics companies and internet service providers to prepare the necessary infrastructure for this initiative.