The Benefits Of Sponsoring the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress


By Andrew Lewin


The time of the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) is almost here! On June 24, or just before, almost 1000 professionals involved in making the oceans healthier through marine science and conservation will come together in Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia to share information on their project successes and find solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the oceans around the world. IMCC5 is a fantastic opportunity for people within the field of marine science and conservation to come together and work towards conserving the world’s most important ecosystem. It’s also a chance for brands to send a message to the world that they support a healthier planet by supporting those who strive to conserve the ocean’s environments, resources, and cultural heritages!


Brands are taking more responsibility on taking care of the planet these days because it benefits not only their public image, but also adds to their legacy of making life better for their customers. Customers buy with emotion; they buy a product or service because they not only enjoy what they buy, but they believe in the mission of the company. Patagonia sells outdoor gear to people who enjoy the outdoors. Their customers care deeply about the environments they love to explore with gear they buy, so Patagonia helps protect those key places. They also realized that many of their customers take part in protecting nature. In response, Patagonia recently launched a project that matched people who wanted to help protect nature with organizations searching for volunteers among their other initiatives. Patagonia’s customers are grateful for the project and will be proud of the work they do to protect the outdoors, which creates even more brand loyalty. Brands whose customers are interested in the outdoors can easily build customer loyalty by embracing similar initiatives. The return on investment with these initiatives is huge for companies and brands!

Conservation Alliance

Patagonia has done a lot to build its brand as a company that not only makes quality merchandise, but also cares deeply about the environments its customers care about, including founding The Conservation Alliance (© Patagonia)


The opportunity is not just for large brands such as Patagonia. My own brand, Speak Up For Blue Media, is a small company (I am the only staff member and work with collaborators) working to build its reputation. I am sponsoring IMCC5 because I understand its benefits for my brand, and I have even seen the proof. I went to IMCC4 in 2016 with the aim to interview presenters one-on-one for my podcast (The Speak Up For Blue Podcast). I went to the conference with a small audience, and left well-known within the field of marine conservation science! I left the conference with a stronger brand and a larger audience as other conference delegates quickly spread the word of the podcast to friends, family, and colleagues. My audience grew, and I now began having requests to be on the show by marine scientists and conservationists. My brand reputation grew quickly because my brand was exposed at IMCC4, directly to a huge portion of my target audience. I am a proud sponsor for this year’s IMCC because I want to continue to grow my brand, and believe sponsoring IMCC5 is one of the best ways I can do so!


Your brand can seize a great opportunity to build its customer base with people who are  proud of the work their favorite brands (that’s you!) are doing to better protect the oceans.  It starts with a small sponsorship that will help drive the productive conversations and key workshops held during the meeting. Don’t be left in the wake of other companies already working to support marine conservation initiatives like IMCC5! Take time to check out our sponsorship page here and find out how you can join the rush to Make Marine Science Matter at IMCC5 this summer!


Andrew Lewin is the founder of Speak Up For Blue, a marine ecologist, and an ‘oceanpreneur.’ His career mission is to teach you how to Live for a Better Ocean by telling you what’s happening in the latest ocean news, science, and conservation of the world’s oceans. Andrew’s goal is to build Speak Up For Blue as an online platform where you can get the information you need to live in a way where you minimize your impact on the ocean and are able to learn and support the people and their projects that work so, so hard, to protect the oceans and people reliant on them every day. You can follow his YouTube channel here!


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