Why Am I Excited to Attend IMCC5?


By Patrick Goff


That is a question that I think about quite often now as I look forward to this summer. Why am I excited to attend IMCC5? Why am I willing to travel to Malaysia to attend a marine science conference? Those are great questions to ask of a middle school science teacher from the landlocked state of Kentucky in the US. I am excited to attend for a few reasons

1. Any chance I get to listen, talk with and interact with practicing scientists is awesome! It is through interactions and connections made here that my students are able to benefit. This conference gives me live interactions to help me better myself as a science educator. Meeting as many new people really helps me to better serve my students as a science educator. The more I understand how scientists think, work and go about investigating the world around them, the better I am able to share this with my students and better able to help setup more realistic science projects with them. What’s better is that I will be able to learn new ways to work #scicomm into my classroom, new ways to integrate the arts into my classroom and new ways of using technology to help my students learn and share what they know about science.

2. As an environmentally concerned citizen, if I can get a chance to learn more about how I can help be a better steward of the oceans, it is worth my time. Going to a marine science conference on the edge of the Pacific Ocean to learn about how I can help is a fantastic opportunity! It is through conferences like this one that I am able to learn and then take that information back not only to my students, but also to my community to better educate them about marine science. I am excited about learning. I am excited about science. I am excited about marine science. IMCC is all of that in one place!

3. As a father of a son who is interested in science, I am humbled to be able to bring him with me to share in this adventure. He will get to experience new cultures, meet people from around the world helping to broaden his view and experiences. Through this experience, he will grow into a better human. What an opportunity to take him to Malaysia to participate in a Marine Science conference! I mean, this is a lifetime adventure for us. We will get to meet so many new people, experience new cultures, eat new food and widen our world view. This is just so fantastic!

4. There are so many awesome and fantastic people who I have met and can’t wait to see again in person. People that I have talked to online, through twitter and others who have Skyped in or talked/worked with my students. This is a great chance to say thanks and see old friends!

Patrick!Patrick Goff and Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley pose for a picture with the poster Patrick shared at IMCC4 in St. John’s about his initiative to get more scientists interacting with high school teachers & students! He can’t wait to continue to make connections with motivated scientists in Kuching this summer! (© Patrick Goff)

I am pumped! I am super pumped about coming to IMCC5 in Kuching. I am having a hard time finding the words to adequately share with you how excited I am, especially as a science educator. This has been a dream for me, to come and hang out at a science conference with scientists. I am so thankful to the organization for taking me in and letting me a part of it. See you all in Kuching!


Patrick Goff is a middle school science teacher in Lexington, Kentucky in the United States of America. He has been teaching for 17 years, holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, a Masters in Administration and is Nationally Board Certified in Early Adolescent Science Education. Patrick is also the founder of the Student Scientist Partnership program, which aims to match up public school teachers and scientists to further communication and interaction opportunities between scientists and students in the classroom. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter here!


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