Nevaeh The Narwhal is Stoked for IMCC


By Nevaeh the Narwhal


It’s the first full day of the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress. I’m so stoked! So is all of St. John’s. My friends at Destination St. John’s have even put up posters! We cant wait to hear all the stories of the ocean you’re going to tell us. We don’t get many coral reefs up this way, but we really like our fishing. The talks on all these important topics are going to be so great.

I just wanted to let you know that if you have any issues during the conference we’re very happy to give you the warmest of Newfoundland welcomes and help you out any way we can. Our contact details are here.

I’ll see you all at the opening ceremony, as will my fellow conference mascots Caleb the Cod and Skylar The Starfish. We’ll be hanging out in the conference hallway on the merchandise table.

Enjoy Canada. Enjoy Newfoundland. Enjoy St. John’s. Enjoy #IMCC4.




Merchandise costs

Nevaeh the Narwhal plush toy – $18 ($23 CAD)

Skylar the Starfish necklace – $28 USD ($36 CAD)

Caleb the Cod shot glass – $10 USD ($13 CAD)

Full merchandise details



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