10 Delegate Tips on How to Use Social Media at #IMCC4


By the participants of Workshop WS95


Hello Delegates!

We’re currently in a workshop where we are learning how to make the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress (#IMCC4) the most social media friendly conference possible. Here is our ten-point plan for you. You SHOULD be using it!

  1. Go where the conversation is already. Join it. Don’t try to make a new one from scratch.
  2. Retweet your colleagues’ work, don’t just favorite it. It helps spread the science message further.
  3. Contact a presenter on Twitter whose presentation you loved. They won’t mind at all!
  4. Think about your audience when choosing which social media platform to use.
  5. Choose appropriate language.
  6. Storify is easier to do if you do it right away.
  7. You can talk about real things in 140 characters. Be concise!
  8. Use social media, because mainstream media picks up stories from it. You can drive the story!
  9. What you put on social media can be read forever. Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t want ANYONE to know.
  10. The half-life of a tweet is seconds. Tweet often, tweet more often, and tweet like your life depends on it. That’s what makes IMCC4 MASSIVE!

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