When We Went Down To The Beach Today- The IMCC4 Beach Clean.


By Keni Rienks


(Picture: The IMCC4 and Marine Institute Beach Cleaners)

“Making Marine Science Matter.” What does that congress theme mean to you? For the IMCC4 Organizing Committee that represents a vast arena of things, and that is why we have over a week of workshops, symposiums, plenary speakers, and other facets to communicate with each other about our areas of expertise, our passions, and what works.  It is also an important goal of this congress to give back to our community through different outreach events, the first of which occurred this morning.


(Picture: Middle Cove Beach)

Communications Co-Chair Keni Rienks aided in the organization of a group of delegates to clean up one of the area’s most beautiful and popular destinations, Middle Cove Beach. Five delegates were in attendance with a global representation: North Carolina (USA), Winnepeg (Canada) by way of India, Cape Town (South Africa), and two Memorial University affiliates. This was made possible by the collaboration with the Marine Institute of Memorial University’s Ocean Net program. Coordinator Tiffany Martin provided us supplies, guidance, education, and a local’s perspective of this gorgeous area. She ID’d several species of [dead] fish, and educated us on capelin rolling. Though we didn’t get to witness it in action, we sure smelled the aftermath of the several hundred unfortunate ones that couldn’t quite beat out the last falling tide.


(Picture: The local fauna)

This extremely unique beach was composed mostly of perfectly smooth, round rocks and pebbles, and sounded like putting milk onto Rice Krispies when the waves came in.  We even had several whale sightings! Overall we hauled out at least 10 bags of trash, and we had a perfect first day to kick-off IMCC 2016!


(Picture: An interesting find)

Keni Rienks is the IMCC4 Communications Co-Chair. This is her first IMCC and she is loving it so far!


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