Typologies of Global Dependence on Fish for Food & Livelihoods


Focus Group

Typologies of Global Dependence on Fish for Food & Livelihoods

Monday, August 1, 1:15-2:45, Salon F

Please join us for a focus group to discuss dependence on fish in coastal communities throughout the world. We are seeking input to generate typologies of human dependence on fish, based on::

  • Characteristics of local marine ecosystems
  • Descriptions of community reliance on fish for income & livelihoods
  • Characteristics of nutritional dependence on fisheries and food substitution patterns
  • Existing local fisheries management restrictions/regimes

Outputs will help prioritize future research on nutrition and global fisheries.  We hope to include expertise from all over the world, with specific focus on Bangladesh, Solomon Islands, Madagascar, Kenya, Ghana, Peru, Brazil, Kiribati, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, PNG, Philippines, and Canadian First Nations.

Balaram photo_CC

Coffee, tea, and a light snack and dessert bar will be available.

For more information and to ensure we have enough snacks please RSVP to katyseto@berkeley.edu


Meeting Leaders: Christopher Golden, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Katherine Seto, University of California at Berkeley; Bapu Vaitla, Harvard University; Zach Koehn, University of Washington


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