Our efforts to make IMCC4 a harassment discrimination, and bullying-free meeting


By Edward Hind

Last week, in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, several of the organisers of the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress published an opinion paper titled, ‘Your Science Conference Should Have a Code of Conduct’.

The motivation behind the publication is some of the unwanted headlines we have seen over the past few years – headlines that should be constrained to the past. Sexual harassment should not be accepted in any form at science meetings. Discrimination by gender, age, race, sexual orientation or any other factor is not at all welcome at coffee breaks or elsewhere at the congress. Bullying is an activity carried out by individuals that do not fit the profile of Society for Conservation Biology member.

We know that our views will be shared by you, and have been voiced by you on many occasions. We are glad to have such fantastic delegates and such a progressive membership. We just wanted to formalise our position, and we hope the paper and the associated code of conduct do this.

The paper is published on an open access platform that encourages post publication review, the same one that will host the IMCC Proceedings. So, please do take time to read it (it’s nice and short!) and please do comment on it if you want to – like this blog, the Frontiers platform allows below-the-line commenting. Please also take time to read our Code of Conduct before you attend IMCC4. We appreciate you efforts in helping us make IMCC4 a safe space for all.

– Edward Hind is a Visiting Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a the IMCC4 Communications Chair and congress Deputy Chair. He is a co-author of the paper mentioned in this blog.



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