OceansOnline Plenary Speaker Profile: Andrew David Thaler


One of the highlights of the inaugural OceansOnline conference is set to be our two plenary speakers. Over the few days we’ll be featuring each of them on this blog. If you don’t want to miss their presentations you’ll need to register soon for the conference, which immediately follows the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC4). OceansOnline registration is not automatically included in the IMCC4 registration – you need to select the add-on on the IMCC4 registration page.

Quoto IMCC4 Plenary Thaler

Plenary Speech: Ocean outreach in an evolving online ecosystem

Andrew David Thaler is a deep-sea ecologist and population geneticist who studies the consequences of human impacts on the biodiversity and connectivity of deep-sea hydrothermal vents. He completed his PhD in Marine Science and Conservation from Duke University, where, in addition to his research, he launched the popular blog Southern Fried Science, now among the most visited marine science websites in the English language. He is currently a visiting scientist at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science where his work focuses on the genetic signals of population bottlenecks among endangered sharks, integrating low-cost, open-source robotic assets into research and conservation programs, and empowering a community of citizen oceanographers through Oceanography for Everyone. You can find him on Twitter @sfriedscientist.

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