4th International Marine Conservation Congress Plenaries: Michelle LaRue

One of the highlights of the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) is always the amazing plenary speakers. Over the next week and a bit we’ll be featuring all the plenary speakers on this blog. If you’re excited to hear them speak in person, make sure you register now for IMCC4. Discounted registration is available until May 8th.
Quoto IMCC4 Plenary LaRue2
Michelle LaRue is a research ecologist at the University of Minnesota studying populations of polar vertebrates, including penguins, seals, and polar bears. After years of research that included distance sampling of white-tailed deer, habitat analysis for mountain lions, old growth forest inventory, and leading research for five Antarctic field seasons, Michelle earned her PhD in conservation biology at the University of Minnesota in 2014. Her dissertation work included developing remote sensing methods to assess populations of penguins and seals, and ultimately resulted in the first global assessment of the two Antarctic penguin species. Michelle has continued this line of work and currently focuses on the biogeography, and effects of sea ice extent and variability on ice-dependent populations in the Antarctic, with implications for Southern Ocean conservation. You can follow Michelle on Twitter @drmichellelarue.

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