The Benefits of Attendance: IMCC4


by Edward Hind

With conference season firmly on the horizon, we’re sure you’re all scrutinizing your diaries, double-checking your budgets, and beginning to make the case to managers and department heads for why you “absolutely must” attend one meeting or another. Let me make the case for the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress.

Before the 3rd IMCC, I asked the organizers of the meeting why they believe IMCCs should always be your first choice marine conservation meeting. Having attended the meeting, I believe everything they said still stands:

  • IMCC has a history of getting people with different experience levels and areas of expertise together to exchange ideas for the benefit of all involved. Alongside many interactive workshops and symposia, IMCC4 already has many student events scheduled.
  • Some of the best theories or ideas in science have come out because of a couple of strangers, or even friends, getting together over a coffee or a beer. The second IMCC had nine scheduled social events, and IMCC3 had bagpipers playing Lady Gaga.
  • Over five days, you will be exposed to a flood of new ideas, hypotheses, methods/techniques, analyses and findings—any scientists that say that’s not valuable might as well burn all their books, disconnect their computers from the internet, and go back to the middle ages while they’re at it!
  • The program will include workshops and courses that teach tangible skills, such as software, applications, and communication. Many marine scientists and managers have learned how to communicate with the media and use packages like Marxan at previous IMCCs.
  • Conferences are perfect places to network for funding and research contacts. The previous IMCCs have attracted up to 1200 delegates per meeting. That’s a lot of opportunities to connect!
  • Remember, astronauts are the only scientists that work well in a vacuum. There will be no astronauts or vacuums at IMCC4!

But, being the good scientist that I am, I realize you may feel that meeting organizers like myself are bias. In the interest of balance, we reached out this to get some opinions from beyond the IMCC4 Organizing Committee:

Like our Titter followers we very much think you should be in St. John’s, Canada from 30 July – 3 August 2016, attending the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress.


Edward Hind is the Communications Officer of the SCB Marine Section, as well as Communications Chair and Vice Chair for IMCC4.


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