ICCB 2015 Marine Presenter Highlight: David Gill on Data-Intensive MPA Assessments

David Gill

David Gill

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasingly employed as a tool to promote the conservation of socially, economically, and culturally important marine resources. However, their performance can be highly variable. Given the global dependence on and threats to marine ecosystems, how can we better ensure that MPAs deliver on the social, ecological, and cultural benefits they were designed to provide?

Dr. David Gill takes a data-intensive approach to answering this question and to identifying the linkages between MPA governance, ecosystem health, and human well-being. Working closely with a highly diverse synthesis team of marine scientists, governance scholars, database developers, and management experts, David is compiling and analyzing social, biophysical, and governance datasets that have never previously been combined to facilitate site comparisons across the globe. The goal of the project is to identify the governance and contextual factors that contribute to MPA success in order to guide future marine conservation and policy.

David’s presentation at ICCB–ECCB 2015 will review this global-scale research project on how MPA governance affects biological outcomes. The research utilized a cross-disciplinary theoretical framework to test the team’s central hypothesis that positive ecological outcomes at MPA sites are associated with good governance (e.g., inclusive decision making arrangements, active and accountable monitoring and enforcement systems, equitable resource user rights, and accessible conflict resolution mechanisms). Preliminary results appear to confirm and extend previous research on the relationships between MPA governance and performance, providing novel insights for evidence-based ocean policy.

ICCB–ECCB 2015 Presentation: Solving the Mystery of MPA Performance: Linking Governance to Ecological Outcomes

Presentation Time and Location: Tuesday, August 4, 2015, at 8:40am in Joffre A/B

David is collaboratively supported by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) and the Luc Hoffmann Institute. Find out more about his work by following him on Twitter @DavidGillMarine and by checking out his profile.

ICCB 2015, the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology, will be held in conjunction with the 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology, August 2-6, 2015, in Montpellier, France. ICCB is the conference of the Society for Conservation Biology. ECCB is the biennial conference of the SCB Europe Section.


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