ICCB 2015 Schedule Highlights: Sessions, events to note


Mind spinning with all the great offerings on the ICCB ECCB 2015 program? Here are some sessions and events to note to get your personal conference schedule started.

(Although we’re highlighting only some marine sessions here, there are marine science and conservation talks in several sessions. Be sure to see the full program. Content may be subject to change, and some events require tickets.)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

  • Opening Ceremony: 18:00-20:00 (6-8pm) in  Pasteur

Monday, August 3, 2015

  • Plenary: 9:00-10:00 in  Berlioz
  • Phil Levin’s symposium on Social science for conservation in the Anthropocene: New paths to social-ecological wellbeing: 10:30-12:00 in Barthez
  • Conservation Poetry Social: Lunch 12:00-13:30 (12-1:30pm) offsite (meet at Registration Desk)
  • Marine Conservation I: 13:30-15:00 (1:30-3pm) in  Joffre C/D
  • Marine Conservation II: 15:30-17:00 (3:30-5pm) in  Joffre C/D
  • Featured on Blog: Leslie Cornick’s presentation on Community resilience and adaption in a changing Arctic: Policy challenges and opportunities  for marine mammal subsistence users in the Poster Session: 17:15-18:30 (5:15-6:30pm) in  Exhibit Hall
  • Plenary: 18:30-19:30 (6:30-7:30pm) in  Berlioz

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

  • Featured on Blog: David Gill’s presentation on Solving the Mystery of MPA Performance: Linking Governance to Ecological Outcomes: 8:30 in Joffre A/B
  • Marine Connectivity Studies: 10:30-12:00 in  Antigone 3
  • Poster Session: 17:15-18:30 (5:15-6:30pm) in  Exhibit Hall
  • Career Fair: 19:30-20:00 (7:30-8pm) in  Exhibit Hall
  • SCB Aquatic Social w/ SCB Marine Section & Freshwater Working Group: 19:30 (7:30pm) offsite (Le Comte Brasserie & Cheese Bar, Montpellier)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

  • Featured on Blog: Diogo Verissimo’s symposium Conservation Marketing: A new path to understanding and influencing human behaviour: 8:30-10:00 in Rondelet
  • Featured on Blog: Fraser Hartley’s talk Elasticity in ecosystem services: Analysing variable relationships between ecosystems and human well-being in Contributed Session: 10:30-12:00 in Sully 3
  • Featured on Blog: Samantha Oester’s presentation on Degradation in a critical watershed of northern Haiti: A holisitic watershed approach to marine conservation in Cap-Haïtien Bay in the Poster Session: 17:15-18:30 (5:15-6:30pm) in  Exhibit Hall
  • Conservation Poetry Slam: 18:30-19:30 (6:30-7:30pm) in  Sully 3

Thursday, August 6, 2015

  • Marine Section Business Meeting: Lunch 12:00-13:30 (12-1:30pm) in  Joffre A/B
  • SCB Members Meeting and Student Awards: 17:15-18:30 (5:15-6:30pm) in  Berlioz
  • Plenary: 18:30-19:30 (6:30-7:30pm) in  Berlioz
  • Closing Party: 19:30 (7:30pm) offsite (Meric Park, Montpellier)

ICCB 2015, the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology, will be held in conjunction with the 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology on August 2-6, 2015, in Montpellier, France. ICCB is the conference of the Society for Conservation Biology.


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