Glasgow: A Fitting Backdrop for IMCC3


by Samantha Oester

Scotland’s largest city is located in the West Central Lowlands, with the River Clyde bisecting the picturesque location. According to Dr. Chris Parsons, IMCC3 Chair, Glasgow was chosen as the host city for IMCC3 for several reasons, including its location, history and the country’s keen interest in marine science and marine conservation. And Glasgow is pleased to host IMCC3. “We’re delighted that IMCC is coming to Glasgow in August, during what will be a showcase year for the city,” said Aileen Crawford, Head of Conventions at the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau. “Hosting such a prestigious conference reinforces Glasgow’s international reputation as a world-leading conventions city, and we are committed to ensuring IMCC 2014 is a success and that your delegates enjoy a memorable experience.”

The top reasons the SCBMarine Board chose Glasgow as the location for IMCC3 include:

(1) The city’s location on the Clyde estuary. Glasgow has a long history of being a city whose people depended upon the estuary.

(2) The Millport Marine Lab, the oldest marine field station in Scotland (and one of the oldest in the world), is situated in the Firth of Clyde.

(3)  Glasgow is a portal to some of the country’s most beautiful natural settings. The west coast of Scotland is a premier destination for marine wildlife tourism. Hop on a train, and in an hour or so, you’re in the Scottish Highlands. In three hours, you’re in Oban, the gateway to the western Isles of Scotland and next to some of the best whale watching and bird watching locations in Europe.

(4) There has been a lot of success in the Clyde in bringing scientists and fishermen together to help manage marine resources.

(5) There are numerous universities in Glasgow, or within about an hour outside of the city, with nationally and internationally famous marine biology programs.

(6) The SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre), the location of the main IMCC3 scientific program, has a great sustainability policy.

(7)  The University of Glasgow kindly offered to partner with IMCC to help organize the meeting and to host most of the workshops.

(8) The IMCC3 chair and co-chair, Dr. John Cigliano, are big single malt whisky aficionados…

Additionally, the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau is an incredibly hospitable organization, ensuring delegates of international events held in Glasgow feel welcomed. “Glasgow prides itself on being home to world-class amenities, great travel and transport links and a ‘can-do’ culture,” Crawford explained. “The teamwork that exists between the different partners across our conventions sector is second to none—from our venues, hotels and restaurants, to our transport providers, local ambassadors and wider conference service providers; all of whom come together to make our city one of Europe’s premier business tourism destinations.”

Crawford best describes Glasgow as “vibrant and dynamic,” with much to see and do in the way of arts, culture, architecture and of course, shopping. Crawford feels the entire city is excited to host IMCC3. “We look forward to extending Glasgow’s renowned warm and friendly welcome to each and every one of you later this year at IMCC 2014.”

-Samantha Oester is Communications Chair for IMCC3



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